AIC S.A.'s core business from day one has been the design and fabrication of heat exchangers made of stainless steel and titanium. Over the years, we have mastered the production process, made substantial investments in valuable skilled personnel and manufacturing equipment (both tooling and automated solutions) and fundamentally improved the quality of all products.

Right now, AIC S.A. controls every step of the fabrication process:

  • incoming raw material quality inspection
  • heating tube fabrication (with our own tube mills)
  • TIG- and laser robotized welding process
  • in-house pressure and thermal tests
  • final quality inspections (with ASME and/or PED approvals)

Advanced design tools (CFD analysis software), high-tech industrial equipment in both manufacturing locations coupled with experienced and dedicated personnel at all company levels, make AIC your trusted heat exchanger supplier.

AIC S.A. provides complete industrial solutions through its affiliated company - RMA, who have become an independent source of turn-key solutions involving conceptual ideas, design, construction and commissioning of machines, specialized tooling and automated production/assembly lines.

The group of engineers behind RMA are responsible for the design, programming and maintenance of industrial automation systems, identification systems, control cabinets and electrical switchgears, as well as technical consulting in the field of industrial automation.


AIC S.A. with its robotics software engineering department, ROBO3DVISION, builds advanced robot vision systems for numerous industrial applications. Designed for tube-to-tubesheet welding applications Adaptive Vision System (AVS I) is a revolutionary fusion of hardware and software which has resulted in 3D robot vision and exceptional welding accuracy. The second generation of the Adaptive Vision System (AVS II) is a more versatile solution intended for industrial users with advanced robot and device guidance patterns.

The people behind the ROBO3DVISION are a unique group of multi-talented robotics, software, automation and mechanical engineers, experienced in the fields software development, robot guidance, technological processes, applied mathematics, image processing or construction design.