F line - new condensing technology

AIC is taking a further step into technology of heat recovery. F-line is the new technology of condensing economizers that combines high efficiency with very compact dimensions.

One of the benefits of F-Line is reduced footprint that makes the solution very versatile. It is a perfect solution for demanding architecture of boiler rooms, it allows to fit an economizer in building cavities or confined spaces. With reduced footprint it fits well piggy-back applications as an extension to non-condensing boilers.

F-line is based on unique tube-and-fin design. Fins are brazed with tubes providing optimal thermal conductivity and ideal corrosion resistance. Inclined plane fins allow for easy evacuation of condensate.

Modular design of the packet covers the range of 250 kW to the large industrial boilers of 6.000 kW.

One of the key benefits of this design is versatility of application both horizontal and vertical.