The team of dedicated engineers at AIC S.A. has always taken on the most unusual and challenging projects. Since day one, AIC has been involved in non-standard, custom-designed solutions, proving flexibility and commitment to even most complex and diversified Customer requirements.

AIC management were always able to see beyond the existing industry trends by supporting investments in new ideas and new technologies. Robot guidance systems developed by AIC aimed at welding technology enhancements, and resulted in major cost savings and productivity improvements. Automation of assembly lines has turned AIC plants into safe and efficient working environments.

Sophisticated design tools at disposal of inspired group of engineers present various tube-type, fin-type or lamel plate heat exchange systems offering energy-efficient solutions for industry end users.

Our forward-thinking approach to business is a foundation of AIC's success. We are motivated by a growing number of satisfied Customers and the innovative products of unparalleled quality.