AIC Anniversary


This October marks the 10th anniversary of AIC's uninterrupted business activity.

In the last 10 years, the company has evolved from a small design office, to large and efficient manufacturing organization.

Back in 2001, a group of engineers set up a small prototype office to validate various heat exchanger designs. Two years later, the small prototype shop turned into a small factory which began the production of stainless steel hot water tanks.

Thanks to the AIC's innovative approach to heat transfer products, the company secured long-term contracts with world-wide manufacturers from a variety of industries. To this day, AIC has manufactured and sold over 200.000 heat exchangers worldwide.

Recent years brought rapid company growth, further expansion into North American and Asian markets and major investments in manufacturing equipment. Robotized welding solutions and automated manufacturing systems added to the AIC's ever-growing impressive product portfolio.

Over the years, AIC has become internationally-recognized, industrial-scale provider of condensing technology and heat transfer solutions.

Now, entering a second decade of activity, AIC looks ahead to the future with confidence and committment to work harder than before, to further improve its productivity and quality and deliver superior products and value-driven solutions.