COILEX INDIRECT WATER HEATERS - meet your demands for continuous hot water supply. Coilex water heaters are fabricated entirely of a high grade stainless steel and constitute a cost-effective alternative to water heating methods. The heating system is protected against oxidization and corrosion by a special chromium oxide film.

Coilex water heaters come with single or dual coil systems. The shape and design of heating coils has been optimized to give the Coilex line high heat recovery rates and low pressure drops. The optional, second heating coil is ideal when two separate heat sources are used simultaneously.

Distinct features

  • completely passivated SS 316L construction ensures reliability and durability of the product
  • single coil and dual coil design increases heat transfer rates and equalizes thermal distribution within tanks
  • easy installation as connections are available from the side and through the top of the tank
  • fully drainable and flushable with the drain located at the bottom centre
  • compact lightweight design