High efficiency condensing economizers from AIC have become a natural choice for heat recovery projects. In the days of rising energy costs, customers and investors alike are increasingly aware of substantial energy savings to be achieved by installation of condensing economizers.

The E series cover the whole spectrum of boiler sizes, from small ones with burner inputs of 250 kW to the large industrial boilers of 6.000 kW. The economizers work with boilers of various source fuel types - natural gas, heavy-oil, diesel fuel and other and can provide up to 20% increase in fuel efficiency.

AIC is using a high precision robotized vision system for the tube to tube-sheet welding on all economizer products. In addition to this advanced technology, the unique economizer tube design, so-called "tear-drop" or "diamond" shape, provides maximum heat transfer surface contact with the flue gas. Economizer tubes are strategically positioned to optimize the thermodynamics process and allow for the improved recovery of wasted energy.

Distinct advantages
  • fuel savings usually pay for equipment and installation within 1 to 2 years of average use
  • solid design and construction (lack of moving parts) give the economizers maintenance-free life cycle
  • durable construction designed to withstand the corrosive effects of the condensing flue gases
  • reduction of environment pollution due to lower fuel consumption (lower GHG emissions)
  • custom-designed units to meet Clients' most demanding requirements