JAD line

JAD type heat exchangers are the perfect balance of engineering, design and performance. These products of exceptional quality are suited for the most demanding of applications.

JAD heat exchangers from AIC have been developed for flexibility to become an integral component of any sophisticated heat recovery system. Closely packed, circular layers of helically corrugated tubes positioned in opposite direction to the surrounding layers, result in an overall criss-cross pattern, which provides high heat transfer surface area within a compact space.

Innovative angular connections accommodate smooth flow entrances and exits from the unit, and the characteristics of the coiled tube bundle enable JAD series to withstand the high temperature differentials between the two media, as well as variations in steam pressures.

Distinct advantages
  • large heat transfer surface area within a compact space
  • complete SS 316L welded construction ensures strength and durability
  • compact vertical design ideal for installations with space constraints
  • coiled tube bundle and cascading connection angles prevent debris build-up, creating a self-cleansing effect