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LENS - modular heat transfer system

Modular LENS heat transfer system

Effortlessly create a customized heating system using modular LENS components. Whether to optimize a single design, or to construct a multi-sectional, integrated structure, the potential is boundless.

The strength of LENS system lies in its adaptive and modular nature, easily modified for maximum effectiveness in varying applications. From hydronic heating to steam condensers, and all processes in between, the LENS offers clients unrivalled quality with the highest degree of flexibility.


The rugged, yet refined, stainless steel LENS heat exchanger features elements that are intrinsic to the heightened aptitude of the product.

The innovative use of 6mm stainless steel precision tubing in the mainstream heat recovery market, especially in the construction of steam condensers, elevates the level of product performance to new standards, allowing for a higher breadth of functionality. The densely packed tube bundle maintains a compact structure with smaller footprint requirements, while delivering more uniform heating and greater heat transfer potential.

Multiple stainless steel, interchangeable heads, readily fitted in the field, with a selection of configuration options, adjust for diversity in flow requirements. For maintenance purposes, heads are removable for unfettered access to the tube bundles.