PG line

PG line - high efficiency stainless steel heat exchangers dedicated for condensing boilers. Unique design of this heat exchanger combined with automated manufacturing technology guarantee reliability of the product that has sold in hundreds of thousands of units so far.

PG heat exchangers present exceptional energy efficiency values and have proved to become integral parts of many gas-fired heating boilers across both European and North American markets.

The PG heat transfer system allows for the flue gases to flow vertically through heating tubes and condensate in the bottom dish of the heat exchanger. Large volume of water around the flue gas tubes stabilizes the boiler water temperature to minimize overheating.

PG line comes in 7 different sizes, from 16 to 120 kW, suitable for wall-hung condensing boilers.

Distinct advantages

  • large heat transfer surface area
  • complete stainless steel welded construction
  • self-cleaning flue gas tubes eliminate combustion residue
  • high quality stainless steel alloys used for fabrication ensure superior corrosion resistance
  • automated assembly process with robotized welding system