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PGiant - commercial boilers

AIC reaches out to a commercial sector with a new condensing heat exchanger designed for high output applications.

The PGiant, a high output heat exchanger engineered for use on gas-fired condensing boilers, in commercial and industrial appliances.

Made entirely from high quality stainless steel and built on proven fire-tube technology, PGiant constitutes a natural progression from lower residential application outputs of up to 120 kW (399 kBTU/h), into higher performances of commercial ranges of up to 1.2 MW (4 MM BTU/h).

Design features

The key features of the PGiant include scalability of the construction, modular design and its compact size. Boiler manufacturers can claim optimal space management as even with additional boiler frame, the PGiant fits through a standard 36-inch doorway or elevator.

Unified arrangement of inlet and outlet water manifolds connects individual tube bundle sections, making final boiler assembly an easy task. The PGiant heat exchanger is built entirely from a high grade of stainless steel. The material guarantees protection against corrosion and acidic condensate as well as overall longevity of the product. This high efficiency product range covers 9 models. PGiant's heating output starts at 145 kW (500 kBTU/h) and goes up to 1,2 MW (4 MMBTU/h).