Willow water heater

AIC's response to hot water generation needs - the heat exchanger dedicated to gas condensing water heaters.

Designed to optimise efficiency and performance, the Willow heat exchanger is perfectly suited for all residential and light commercial applications.

Created by AIC engineering team, with advanced CFD thermal modelling and analysis, the Willow heat exchanger is a blend of practicality and simplicity of construction.

External casing made of top and bottom shells is joined by just one weld ensuring higher construction safety. The plastic condense drain dish is fitted to the shell with simple holding clamps. Burner assembly requires no refractory. Instead of sending hot exhaust gases out the flue, the gas burner blows them through the fire tubes at the bottom of the tank. Incoming cold water flows around the tubes and collects most of the heat.

The Willow water heater has been considered a high volume product for OEM-customers and is available in 2 output options:

  • 40 kW (135 kBTU/h)
  • 60 kW (199 kBTU/h)

Distinct advantages

  • innovative baffling system provides uniform water distribution
  • no "cold sandwich" effect
  • constant supply of hot water with no sudden drop in water temperature
  • engineered duplex alloy construction
  • simple and cost-effective fabrication process