AIC is going its way in the field of advanced heat transfer solutions

Our core activity is designing and manufacturing heat exchangers made of stainless steel and titanium dedicated for various applications.

CoilMaster Exchanger render

who we are

We offer our expertise in designing and manufacturing heat transfer products for customers looking for highly efficient and reliable solutions.

With a wide portfolio of products, automated production processes, long market presence, and an experienced engineering team we can carry out the most complex and technologically advanced projects.

How we can help

We design products from scratch, build them, test it and later on manufacture it according to the demand of our customers.

We offer extended knowledge and experience in CFD and FEM modeling

Our internal certified laboratories provide dedicated testing services

Our construction and various design codes expertise allows us to design and manufacture pressure vessels for many industries

Our knowledge and experience in heat exchangers manufacturing technologies make us a perfect partner for demanding new energy design products

Our engineering teams implement products into our serial production processes

We introduce automation into our serial manufacturing, especially in the welding processes

Our products

Condensing Boilers

A complete range of stainless-steel heat exchangers suited for gas and oil condensing boilers, residential and commercial size.

Condensing Water Heaters

Condensing water heaters, both instantaneous and storage versions, with maximum efficiency levels, low NOx and economic running costs.

Condensing Economizers

Stainless steel secondary heat exchangers of various design patterns for different heat recovery systems in commercial and industrial applications.

Industrial Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers which can be utilized in a wide range of industrial applications including power generation, chemical processing and more.

AIC is the best choice

We develop and manufacture our products according to our customer stringent requirements.

Our service standards are based on knowledge, market expertise, and experience of cooperation with the best companies in the industry collected in the last 20 years. We strive to deliver the most efficient and reliable products on the market.

Customer oriented
Efficient design